Vessel Fundraiser

We are looking for benefactors to sponsor various holy vessels, church items, and consumables to allow Saint Aelred to grow further in "worshipping the LORD in the beauty of holiness."

To sponsor an item please use the Donate page, select "General," and in the note textbox type in the exact item name and donate the exact amount found below.

thank you!

Funeral Pall - $300

The Pall is a black veil that is laid across the coffin at a Funeral or Requiem Mass to adorn and honor the body of the faithful departed. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 6.16.01 PM.png

Candelabra - $500

The candelabra candlesticks harken back to the seven light candlestand in the days of the Tabernacle and the Temple which stood by the door to God's dwelling place. The seven lights are said in Revelation to also stand in front of God's throne, sometimes thought to be seven Archangels, of which we only have the names of three (some apocryphal suggestions have been made). These candelabra flank the blessed sacrament at adoration to adorn and draw attention to the Host who is the Lord God of hosts.


Church Bell - $150

The church bell is rung to announce the beginning of Mass, at news of a soul departing, at Requiem Masses, and at the elevation of the Host at Mass. This sponsorship also covers lumber and hardware for installation.


Torches - $3,000

A full set of brass torches with stand for Torchbearers at Mass as well as Processions


Requiem Candlesticks - $3,000 or $500 each

The six black candlesticks surround the coffin at Requiem Masses for the repose of the soul of the faithful departed. They are reserved solely for this Mass and hold reddish-orange candles to signify the deceased. They match the black pall and help to form the catafalque, which is how the faithful departed is presented in front of the altar at a Funeral Mass. You may sponsor one or more candle at $500 each or all six $3,000.


Altar Gong - $700

The altar gong is struck at the Elevation of the Host, signaling all present to halt any personal prayers, to focus solely on the blessed sacrament as it is lifted up on high, and to cross themselves out of devotion for our Lord.

T251 Sanctus Gong.jpg

Lucifer / Lightbearer - $90

The Lucifer is used to light candles and to snuff them out at the beginning and end of Mass. This one is 7' tall and will allow for easier lighting of candles on our high altar and gradine for a second altar server.