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Capital Campaign

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Saint Aelred Catholic Church is ready to pick up and set sail for home! But like Noah or Aeneas, we will have to build the home we have been promised but have never dwelt in.

Capital Campaign

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​We are going to build either one larger building or two separate ones that will house our Church and Parish-Hall/Academy. The Church building will be set apart as a holy space, like ours currently is, that we intend to make more beautiful than ours currently is. The Parish-Hall/Academy building will be like our current setup. Both will be larger with room for growth. These will be the initial buildings to break ground on a larger Parish Campus that will be a little Eden or a small city of God present in Oconee County to guard and administer the Lord's sacraments for the faithful.
  • Father Tipton
  • Daniela Wieczorek
  • Thank You Team
  • Communication Team
  • Events Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Promotion Team
  • Ambassador Team
  • Youth Team
Step I: Gather
We will gather resources and people for the campaign.

tep II: Foundation

We will lay a foundation for the spiritual and physical parish through prayer and labor.

Step III: Build
We will begin constructing the initial buildings.
Campaign Goal: TBD 
Campaign Time: 3-year Period, 2024-2027 
Campaign Means: 100% Parish Participation


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