Guilds are ways in which the lay faithful respond to Christ's Mass with a particular expression of spirituality, which is gathered into a group of people of similar devotion. This group takes on a set of practices which are ordered to the building up of God's Church literally and spiritually. In their maturity, in days of old, they were the way in which the church, the body of Christ, extended Christ's arms not only to the church but also to the world, to sanctify it and to create a proper kind of secular (non-ecclesial but still Catholic) culture. Guilds put flesh, blood, sweat, and prayer into "Love God" and "Love thy neighbour."



Altar Servers Guild

Men and boys 7+ who wish to serve at Mass, including instituted acolytes, thurifers, crucifers, torchbearers, boatboys, bookbearers. Men are moved up to acolytes and/or MCs.


Holy Myrrhbearers' Altar Guild

Those who take care of the body of Christ at the altar, including changing altar frontals and hangings for the seasons and saints days, sewing projects, flowers, and polishing vessels.


St. Newman CCD & CGS Guild

The religious education of our children is the fulfillment of our promises in Holy Matrimony & at our children's Baptism . CCD-Sunday School and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) provide lifelong formation and sacramental preparation with trained catechists and a substantial curriculum.


St. Joseph the Worker Guild

Men's Guild that literally builds up God's church: making an altar, communion rails; fixing windows, lights, doors, etc. These men maintains the church, the Holy House of Christ, just as St. Joseph once built up and maintained a home for the Christ Child.


Holy Hildegard Choir Guild

Men, Women, & Children's Guild practices singing the propers, hymns, & psalmody that we may better "worship the LORD in the beauty of Holiness."


St. Brigid Hospitality Guild

Having received the Divine Supper our supper together in the parish hall flows outward to fellowship with one another. This guild oversees feasts, potlucks, decorations, & special events.


Lector Guild

Lectors are Men & Women who read the Old Testament and Epistle Lessons at Mass. Their devotion to Scripture, continual meditation upon it, and reverent and confident lectoring is key for the faithful to hear the Word of the Lord speak to his church. This is an honor, not a right, and it requires commitment to dive deep into the wells of Holy Writ.


St. Frideswide 

Women's Guild committed to praying Evensong for the parish and the needs of its members. They also commit to reading and discussing various books to assist in personal formation to better evangelize Protestants and to better share our English Christian Patrimony with the wider Catholic Church.