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Adult Formation

Adult Formation meets every Sunday at 1:15PM following Dinner.

Q: What does The Church say about Adult Formation?
A: That it should integral for every parish, help us pass the faith to our children, be lifelong, and at the center of the Church's education mission (Our Hearts Burned within Us, §79, 40-42) to help us:

(I) be in better friendship with Christ
(II) to be more like Christ
(III) to aid us in acting like him (§68-72)

"The most valuable gift that the Church can offer to the bewildered and restless world of our time is to form within it Christians who are confirmed in what is essential and who are humbly joyful in their faith" (§59).


This year we'll cover Salvation History as a Five Act Play. Bring you copies of The Holy Scriptures.

  • Act I: In the Beginning

    • Creation of the World

    • The Falls of Angels & Man

    • The Curse

    • Proto-Evangelium

  • Act II: The Covenants

    • The Covenants as God's Salvific Plan​

      • Four Parts to a Covenant​

    • Adamic Covenant​

    • Noahic Covenant

    • Abrahamic Covenant

    • Mosaic Covenant

    • Davidic Covenant

    • Jeremaic Covenant prophesied

  • Act III: The Advent of the LORD​

    • The Incarnation

      • & other Joyful Mysteries​

    • Jesus as Recapitualting Salvation History so far​

    • The Mystery of Faith

  • Act IV: "Lo, I AM with you always, even unto the close of the age"​

    • The Age of the Church​: the body of Christ

      • Early Church​

      • Medieval

      • High Medieval

      • Modern

  • Act V: The End​​

    • Doomsday, General Resurrection, Judgment​

    • The New Heavens & the New Earth

    • Last Things: Heaven & Hell

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