Vessel Fundraiser

We are looking for benefactors to sponsor various holy vessels, church items, and consumables to allow Saint Aelred to grow further in "worshipping the LORD in the beauty of holiness."

The following are items still available for sponsorship. Please e-mail Fr. Tipton at to procure an item and for payment options. Thank you!

Riddel Post Angels for New Altar - $1,400 - Picture

The riddel posts stand around the altar to hold the riddel curtains and dossal. This curtain imitates the Old Testament veil that stood between the Holy of Holies (Sanctuary) & the people, however, unlike the Old Covenant, the curtain stands open at the front revealing the Presence of God. The Angels atop the Riddel Posts signify that we participate in eternal, cosmic worship with the angels every time we go to Mass. These angels are a Neo-Gothic style with a Victorian, muted color scheme that fits the old brick buildings in old Georgia towns.

Pavement Lights - TBD - Picture
These lights can stand on the pavement of the altar steps or may be used on either side of the Lectern to signify, as most candles do, that we worship with the 'lights:' the saints and angels in heaven in The City where our God the Eternal Light dwells. The Seven Lamps that stand before God, as these stand before His altar, signify angels, some think seven archangels, though we only know three.


Items sponsored by benefactors thus far:

Altar Crucifix

Thurible Stand

Office Lightsx6

Votive Candle Stand
Votive Candle Top

Confessional Crest

Aspergilium & Aspersorium
Sanctuary Lamp

Silver-Plated Gospel Book

Lavabo Towels


Lucifer & Snuffer



Pyx - Benedictine Medal

Pyx - Lamb of God

Sanctuary Lamp

Incense Boat

Ambry Cruets

Chalice Palls

Presence Lights

Paschal Candlestand

Processional Cross
Baptismal Font


Paschal Candlestand


Altar Candlesticksx2


Please send all requests to Fr. Tipton at


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